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Create & Customize Connections

Create connections between multiple spreadsheets (both Google Sheets & MS Excel) inside your Google Drive. Give these connections a name for future reference and define the functions you want to use for these connections (e.g. import, export, append, consolidate).

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Select a sheet from any spreadsheet you have access to and import it into a new sheet inside the spreadsheet you are currently working on.

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Select a sheet from the spreadsheet you are currently working on and export it to a new sheet within any other spreadsheet you have access to.

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Consolidate Multiple Spreadsheets

Consolidate can import or export sheets from various spreadsheets (as long as they have the same column ordering and header row) into a single sheet to centralize data in one place for further analysis.

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Prevent imported or exported sheets from being overwritten upon subsequent updates and instead append new data below the previous update, thus maintaining a historical record.

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1-Click Update

Update connected spreadsheets with a single click on the respective connection.

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Automatic Updates

Update connections between spreadsheets automatically at defined intervals without having to open the spreadsheet(s) or execute any manual command.

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Schedule Updates

Choose how often you want your connections to be updated. Choose from hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedules with further customization options.

Update All Shortcut

From the spreadsheet you are currently working on, update all connected sheets manually without having to wait for the next scheduled update by selecting multiple connections.

Preserve Formatting

When importing data, preserve the formatting from the connected sheet, including column width, fonts, colors, borders, etc (Note: this feature runs only on the first update).

Filter Data

Prior to export or importing data, filter only the data you need based on conditions such as “is equal to” or “contains”. Or use our advanced mode for more powerful queries.

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Complex Formula Support

If the connected spreadsheet(s) contain(s) complex formulas, Import Sheet induces a short delay before performing the update to ensure that all formulas in the connected sheet were properly executed.

MS Excel Compatibility

Connect your Google Sheets to MS Excel files that are stored inside your Google Drive. Import sheets from Excel files (Note: currently we support .xls, .xlsx and soon .xlsm). Export to Excel is coming soon.

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Import Sheet offers the same level of security as Google and all data transmission is done via a secure connection. We do not have access to your data.

Material Design Interface

Import Sheet provides an easy-to-use, intuitive sidebar interface based on Google’s Material Design. It provides information about the connection(s) used in the spreadsheet you are currently working on. Each connection is represented by an arrow icon that shows the direction of the update (⬇ Import or ⬆ Export). The arrow color shows if the last update succeeded (green) or failed (red). Clicking on a connection card shows information on the type of scheduling, the connection owner, a record of the last update, and error details.

Collaborate on Connections

Other users can run the connections you have made. Import Sheet is made for collaboration.

Transfer Connection Ownership

With a single click on a button you can transfer the ownership of the selected connection(s) to another user of Import Sheet. This person will become the new manager of the connection(s), with all possibilities of editing.

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Repeat upon Errors

If for some reason your scheduled update does not execute correctly, Import Sheet will automatically attempt to update hourly for the next 24 hours.

Connections Overview

Provide visibility to all your created connections for easy monitoring of update type, scheduling and status.

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Protect Sheets

Import Sheet automatically locks the connected sheet(s) to prevent other users from mistakenly editing the sheet(s) and losing their changes upon the next automatic update.

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