Managing multiple spreadsheets from different sources manually can result in unreliable and difficult to update data. Copy & paste won’t solve the problem, and who loves complex tools?


    Use our tool to quickly and easily connect sheets automatically, select from a variety of features (automatic updates, schedules, auto-formats, etc.) and make data import & export smart


    With connected sheets, you can create dynamic reports, daily data sets, consolidated data, declutter sheets, and find simple solutions for your work, department or company

Increase your Productivity

Increase your productivity and efficiency by replacing the time that you would normally spend on updating your Google Sheets manually with automatic functions that Import Sheet provides for you.

Save Time

Have all your spreadsheets updated automatically and always ready to use by your boss, subordinates, colleagues, suppliers, and partners.

Decrease Redundancy

Reduce the number of spreadsheets in your organization, re-use existing data, stop generating redundant and obsolete information.

Implement Traceability

Know exactly from where you are obtaining data and where you are sending the data from your connected spreadsheets. Achieve complete control over data connections.


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Make your Data Intelligent

Collect and automatically convert your data into relevant, reusable, controllable and useful information.

Automate Reporting

Generate reports and analyses automatically by connecting spreadsheets that contain the source data.

Create Historic Data Logs

Freeze and append data in your sheets automatically based on monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly generation. Obtain an automatic historic record of your data.

Improve Data Reliability

Have confidence that your data is being imported into your spreadsheets with alerts informing you know whenever your spreadsheets are not being updated.



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I love that I can pull data from other spreadsheets. It's a great tool.
Mason Woodruff Manager at Anytime Fitness
When needing info or data all in one place, this tool quickly could do this for me.
Safie A. Fouly CEO & Architect at S|CUBE
It provides an automated built in tool for moving data from one file to another.
Jeff Bush Director of Finance at UrbanGlass
It would be impossible for me to do what I'm doing without your tool, team, and help.
Mathew Lahatt, for Import Sheet
Mathew Lahatt Independent IT Consultant
The Import Sheet feature is invaluable to my work. Thanks!
Rick Thompson, for Import Sheet
Rick Thompson Director of Marketing at Sealed Air

How to get started?

Import Sheet connects multiple Google Sheets to transfer data between the sheets automatically without any user intervention required.

  1. Simply install the Import Sheet Add-on from the official Webstore.
  2. Follow the easy steps in our introduction video to get started.